Jacob@MapleAirsoftSupply.ca - Please welcome David to the MAS team. Reach out to him by messaging us on Facebook/IG or the chat box on the website.
Jacob@MapleAirsoftSupply.ca - Please welcome David to the MAS team. Reach out to him by messaging us on Facebook/IG or the chat box on the website.
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Maple Armouries Marauder AEG (Glass Filled Polymer Receiver)
Maple Armouries

Maple Armouries Marauder AEG (Glass Filled Polymer Receiver)

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(November 21 2022) We are now out of Marauders (except for two Black Leviathan prebuilds). We're currently working on the 2023 version and they will be ready next Spring. Thanks for all your support and stay tuned for the list of improvements!

***We have free shipping Canada wide and to the US on AEGs over $300 CAD. I recommend getting two batteries with your Marauder to reach the free shipping threshold***

*** $259.99 CAD is roughly $195 USD*** 

Introducing the Maple Armouries Marauder by Maple Airsoft Supply. This rifle is the evolution of our previous SBR AEG, featuring further upgraded internals and refreshed externals. We utilized aftermarket parts from various venders in order to provide a high performance platform out of the box. The rifle shoots approximately 385 fps with 0.2g bb and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor games. You can expect to shoot approximately 200 feet with a 0.28g BB. Our mentality is to avoid using any proprietary parts and as such the Marauder AEG is fully user serviceable with generic v2 parts available from any airsoft retailer.

The gearbox internals are what really set these guns apart from their competition. We utilized high quality aftermarket internals in order to provide an unmatched out of the box experience. By combining high speed gears with a neodymium high torque motor, this AEG is capable of extremely snappy trigger response in semi auto that would normally only be possible with upgrades. 

Black Blitz Airsoft was kind enough to now provide the electronics for all the standard version AEGs going forward. The BCA Mosfet  has four times the max amp draw compared to the previous Jefftron Micro Mosfet 2. In a stress test the PCB was barely warm to the touch after full autoing in a Blackout for ten minutes straight. I can't thank Black Blitz enough for all the effort and support they put into this platform.

The Marauder now officially ships with the stainless steel tightbore barrel. That barrel performs so well that I can't not include it in the build. If you got your Marauder in 2021 you also have this barrel installed.

I consider the 2022 version of the Marauder to be the definitive revision and there probably won't be any Marauder specific changes going forward.


  • BCA mosfet soldered to the trigger contacts (new for 2022)
  • Steel 8mm bushings
  • 21.1mm nozzle
  • 13:1 CNC gearset with 9 tooth bevel gear installed
  • 22 TPA neo magnet high torque motor 
  • Nickel coated brass cylinder
  • Polymer airseal parts
  • 330mm 6.02mm stainless steel inner barrel (ZCI square cut) (new for 2022)


  • Magpul PTS CTR Stock
  • Polymer receiver set (with true quick change spring through the buffer tube)
  • Aluminum buffer tube for better fitment with buffer LiPos (new for 2022)
  • 10.5 inch aluminum m-lok handguard
  • Plastic flip up sights
  • Aluminum A2 flash hider
  • A2 pistol grip for improved pinion-bevel meshing
  • 12.5 inch outer barrel
  • Polymer Mid Capacity Magazine included

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