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Maple Airsoft Supply was founded in early 2016 by Jacob Cullen at age 21 to distribute LCT products and SuperFeed magazine springs. Following a failed pitch to LCT in early 2017 to build an AK AEG with Blackout style internals, the Maple Armouries line was created to focus on a mid range model of M4 AEG.

In Fall 2017 the MAS SBR was released in small numbers. It featured average components such as a ferrous motor, mosfet-less trigger contacts, and standard torque gears. Feedback from this model was instrumental in the development and refinement of the next generation of MAS AEGs. 

Following over a year of development, the first batch of MAS Blackout and Marauder AEGs was released in January 2019. Featuring high speed gears, a reliable hard wired mosfet, true neodymium magnet motor, tightbore barrel, a custom made MLOK handguard, and greatly improved gearbox assembly, they were met with critical acclaim instantly and began to set a new standard for what people should expect from a reasonably priced AEG out of the box.

Development on the Blackout project is ongoing in an effort to raise that standard further.

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