Why choose Maple Airsoft Supply?

Maple Airsoft Supply is providing the best quality and cost effective solution to the customers. We are proud to say that, Maple Airsoft Supply is the leading Airsoft distributor of LCT, Guarder and our newly launched brand the Maple Armouries. You must have at least one Canadian Airsoft store nearby your residence, then why buy from us not them. Well, there are many reasons for which we are suggesting you buy Airsoft parts and guns from us.


As we are the leading distributors of the brands like Guarder, LCT, and our own brand Maple Armouries, we assure you that, you will get the best quality service from us. Our guns have attractive design, weight and detailing just like the actual firearms.


If you find anything wrong with our guns at the time of online purchase or even wholesale from our shop, then you can contact our team of customer service anytime. They will provide you with the service you are looking for.


Unlike other Airsoft Guns in Ontario, we are proud to offer the best price. The price of the leading brands like Guarder, LCT, and our own brand Maple Armories can be found at a very reasonable price. We do not overcharge our customers because we believe satisfied customers are happy customers.

Customer service

We have a team of professional who will help you throughout the whole buying process. In the case of any confusion you can contact our team, and they will give you the solution to any problem related to the Airsoft guns.

For this reason, if you want to beat your friend with your Airsoft skills this is the right time for you to buy a good quality gun for yourself because a good gun is the key to victory in Airsoft. You can email or call us anytime for any question or enquiries related to Airsoft parts and guns.
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