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August 24, 2017

SuperFeed Series High Speed Replacement Magazine Springs (Generation 2 w/ Heat Treating) (Pack of 3)


Maple Armouries

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Maple Airsoft Supply’s SuperFeed series replacement high speed magazine springs are perfect match for AEG, GBB, and PTW platforms. These updated Generation 2 springs are heat treated to help retain their shape and avoid being crushed under their own weight.

SuperFeed springs use a superior one piece design to decrease the chance of jamming and increase reliability. Competitor’s replacement springs use a two piece design which can be detrimental to the magazine.

Made from high tension heat treated spring steel, SuperFeed springs are perfect for high ROF builds as well as Snipers or Designated Marksmen who wish to reliably use heavy weight bbs.

Installation is easy. Most magazines can be done in a couple minutes. Each mag uses 1 spring.

Compatible with most AEG and GBB magazines. Simply cut to desired length and install.

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