Maple Armouries Blackout AEG (Aluminum Receiver)



The Jefftron Leviathan is a premium mosfet option that allows for Bluetooth programming from the iOS or Android app. It offers an enhanced trigger feel, the ability to configure each fire mode to safe, semi, variable burst, or full auto, and even faster semi auto performance through pre-cocking. Includes the unit and installation. The lead time for build to order units is approximately two weeks, but pre-built models will be available soon as well.

Rhop is a hopup modification that greatly improves the consistency of the back spin applied to the BB as it leaves the barrel. It’s recommended to use 0.28g-0.36g BBs in order to take advantage of this addon. Includes installation and range check.

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*(May 11 2021) Backorders are currently being shipped out. Thanks very much for your patience.*

*I’ve received overwhelming inquires about Bill C-21 and its potential impact on the Canadian airsoft industry. If it does pass later this year we will have to alter the body of the rifle on future batches to fit into the new rules. Please write your Member of Parliament to voice your concerns.*

***This model is wired to deans and supports buffer tube stick LiPos up to 1450mah. We have them available at heavily discounted rates to help ease the transition into deans and buffer tube profile batteries.***
***This AEG qualifies for free shipping Canada wide and to the US via UPS***
***$399.99 CAD is roughly $300 USD***

Introducing the Maple Armouries Blackout by Maple Airsoft Supply. This rifle is the evolution of our previous SBR AEG, featuring further upgraded internals and refreshed externals. We utilized aftermarket parts from various venders in order to provide a high performance platform out of the box. The rifle shoots approximately 385 fps with 0.2g bb and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor games. You can expect to shoot approximately 200 feet with a 0.28g BB. Our mentality is to avoid using any proprietary parts and as such the Blackout AEG is fully user serviceable with generic v2 parts available from any airsoft retailer.

The gearbox internals are what really set these guns apart from their competition. We utilized high quality aftermarket internals in order to provide an unmatched out of the box experience. By combining high speed gears with a neodymium high torque motor, this AEG is capable of extremely snappy trigger response in semi auto that would normally only be possible with upgrades.

The gearbox is built with:

-Jefftron in line mosfet with deans for  increased trigger response and use with 11.1v batteries
-Steel 8mm bushings for long term durability
-Aluminum O-Ring Nozzle for better air seal
-CNC High Speed (13:1) Gearset with 9 Tooth Bevel for durability and performance
-High Quality 22 TPA Neodymium High Torque Motor
-Stainless Steel Cylinder for better airseal and reduced fouling
-Aluminum O-ring Airseal Parts for increased air seal
-True Quick Change Spring (QCS) System. You can change the spring without removing the gearbox from the lower receiver.
-330 mm Stainless Steel 6.02 Tightbore Inner Barrel

The exterior of the rifle features:

-Magpul PTS CTR Stock
-Lightweight A383 grade Aluminum receiver set (not pot metal, Zamak, etc.)
-10.5 inch aluminum m-lok handguard
-Plastic flip up iron sights
-Bird cage flash hider
-12.5 inch outer barrel
-Mid Capacity Polymer Magazine included

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