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LCT Airsoft distributor is incredibly proud to be the very best LCT airsoft distributor in Canada. LCT is certainly a high quality airsoft gun and they are experts in a vast line of AK varieties. Each of LCT’s guns are produced with high quality materials and well-engineered attributes that replicate genuine AK models. These represent the top-of-the-line AK or RPK products for an electric airsoft gun the average FPS from an LCT is 400 feet per second with a .2g BBs. All of the LCT model airsoft guns have a realistic takedown for ease of maintenance and provide the most realistic replicas.


All models vary in their features from hardwood decor to folding and collapsible stocks. The receivers on the LCT guns are built using high quality steel and also have great toughness. If you’re searching for a particular AK model or an exact gun the LCT guns can easily provide an alternative. All aspects of these guns are specifically reengineered from the external appearance of the gun to the internal mechanical actions. LCT airsoft guns are constructed with some of the finest internal parts.


The airsoft guns are developed for a competitive player and to be used in rugged situations where gun durability and reliability is essential. The precision of the internal parts makes these guns run cleanly in addition to effectively and reliably. All LCT’s products are constructed completely in Taichung, Taiwan under strict ISO production specifications in their very own factory. This results in a superiorly created product.


The guns are specially built to replicate sought-after, high-powered guns and deliver the most authentic look on the market. While much of the LCT gun exterior is proprietary, many of the internal parts are compatible with after markets parts. This results in a truly scalable and customizable product. An investment into a LCT gun in the high $300 range will give you many years of playing enjoyment. As with most airsoft guns, LCT guns require proper maintenance and all internal parts are replaceable in the event you have a problem. The rifles that LCT produces are manufactured for knowledgeable game enthusiasts.


Regardless of whether you’re looking for the best quality firearms available on the market in the AK format, or searching the marketplace for the perfect gun for your Eastern Bloc loadout, LCT is going to be your brand. LCT’s are appropriate for many of the AK style magazines that can be purchased. Given their AS Val and VSS are one of the only ones available on the market, there’s very little compatibility to speak of. As with almost every other quality airsoft gun, any type of top quality bb is compatible with these rifles. There’s no US based manufacturer’s warranty accessible for LCT, but as with any other product offered by we offer our 30/30 Warranty/Return plan. If you don’t like it, you are able to return all brand-new and unused items in the manufacturer’s original packaging to the store within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. LCT is certainly renowned for their AK series rifles, together with their AS Val and VSS Vintorez rifles. These types of designs are specifically exclusive to LCT. They’ve been designing rifles for many years, and they’ve practically mastered the craft of manufacturing superior Kalashnikov replicas.


The AS Val offered by LCT is unquestionably an outstanding gun. It features the same gorgeous yet tough external design of other LCT guns, and equally-as-robust internal construction. It’s an incredibly unique and niche rifle that’s certain to get some eyebrow raises and head turns on the field. LCT’s most unique offering is without a doubt their PP Bizon. With looks that only some specific gaming players are familiar with, it takes the design principles of the AK series and meshes it with the small profile of sub-machine gun.


LCT pulls this off this replica in remarkable manner, and this is definitely a gun to watch for.. LCT is head and shoulders above other manufacturers in their production process. From making each and every quality part to assembling them in all in house, LCT does it all right. There’s no doubt any time you grab an LCT rifle, there’s not another gun on the market that feels like it. .As LCT’s premier Canadian airsoft distributor, we can provide the most desired guns at a great price!


We back up every purchase and definitely will work with you during the lifetime of your gun, providing you with knowledgeable advice regarding improvements and substitute components.


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