Enjoying an Airsoft Game in Canada

Airsoft Canada Milsim

Airsoft milsim (military simulation) is one of the more popular forms of airsoft sport in the world today and Canada is not an exemption. Boys, since they were young, have always been fascinated with playing “soldiers”. Playing airsoft milsim is the best way to live this fantasy with all its excitement, adventure, and tactical strategies while completely avoiding any forms of real danger.

 Airsoft players even have specializations to make the games more exciting. Some of the teams reenact historical happenings so that the players can relive a particular moment in military history. There are even airsoft teams that are composed of real, albeit retired, members of the military. These former military men are able to enjoy the brotherhood they experienced when they were still on duty without pressure and risks.

Laws and regulations on airsoft sports vary among countries. In Canada, it is prohibited for airsoft guns to be seen in public places or any property apart from one’s home and within official airsoft field. This prohibition was enacted to avoid airsoft to be misunderstood as real firearms. This is the reason why if you are going to play milsim in Canada, your airsoft gun should be inside a bag or case so that the same will not be exposed and seen by the public.


Children and teenagers below the age of 18 years old should be supervised by a legal adult if they are to own an airsoft gun. Moreover, Canada also has laws as regards airsoft gun color as well as FPS to control the use of airsoft gun.


Below are some facts about airsoft game that you need to know in order to enjoy and appreciate the game:


  • Airsoft guns are created to resemble a real firearm. Airsoft guns are commonly operated using battery or gas and able to dispense hundreds of BBs. Newer models even feature blow-back action, bolt cycling and even ejection of shell, among others to completely replicate what real guns do.

  • Airsoft players are not created equal. Just like in a real battlefield, every soldier has a role to play. This is the why the airsoft guns of players vary. The gun each player owns depends on his role in the game. There are support weapons, sniper rifles, and even assault rifles among others, that are available for purchase.

  • Having tactical training experience is not a requirement in playing airsoft. In fact, most of the players learn and improve their tactical and combat skills as they play the game for a while.


At the end of the day, playing airsoft game in Canada is an enjoyable experience. While there are restrictions and regulations, all these are reasonable enough and only meant to ensure the safety of the players and even the general public.

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