Guarder Airsoft is a Taiwanese brand best known for their pistol upgrade parts. With parts support for Tokyo Marui, WE-Tech, and KJW pistols, Guarder’s line of parts is affordable, high performing, and reliable.


Maple Armouries

Maple Armouries is our own in house brand of products. Created with performance in mind, our m4 comes pre-upgraded and features a 3 month gearbox warranty. Another notable Maple Armouries product are SuperFeed Springs. SuperFeed are upgrade high tension magazine springs that are compatible with most midcap/lowcap magazines. Capable of achieving high rate of fire and heavy bb builds, SuperFeed is great marksmen, magazine fed machine gunners, or to replace worn out springs.

LCT airsoft


LCT Airsoft is a Taiwanese brand best known for their Kalashnikov style weapons. LCT’s AKs are some of the best on the market due to their full steel construction and authentic manufacturing. All of their products are accurate to the real firearm, in feel, weight, and reliability. Notable products from LCT include the real wood and steel AKM, the Special Forces favored AK-105, and the PP19-01 “Vityaz” used by Russian Swat Teams. LCT has also begun to make German replicas like the MP5 and G3.

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