Airsoft Gun Facts

7 Important Facts About Airsoft Guns

Airsoft gun enthusiasts have a wide knowledge of various airsoft parts and functions as well as wide collection of airsoft guns and almost unlimited number of airsoft supplies. They also know the ins and outs of using and maximizing the fun out of airsoft guns. If you are planning on taking on this kind of hobby, you need to know the most basic knowledge about airsoft guns so that you can fully appreciate the game.


Here are 7 important facts that you should know about airsoft guns:


  1. Airsoft gun was invented by Tokyo Mauri; almost a decade before a single paintball was created. It originated in Japan and was popularly used for target practice and playing war games in the forests.


  1. Airsoft guns were invented to be non-lethal so that everyone (including children) who dreams of playing “soldier” can do so in the most realistic fashion.


  1. Playing with airsoft guns without proper outfit (long sleeves, shirt, gloves, and pants) and protective eye wear is dangerous. While it does not usually cause serious injuries, being hit by an airsoft gun in the body at close range can lead to bleeding or blood blisters. The most dangerous, however, is being shot in the eye without goggles. This is the reason why parents should always supervise their children if they will allow them to play it.


  1. Airsoft guns should be played in a wide field where players can have at least 10 to 20 feet distance when shooting another. Only experts should be allowed to play in the backyard or in more constricted spaces.


  1. While others may view airsoft gun as a violent game for children, the game has its own lessons. Parents can use the game as an opportunity to teach kids about the value of responsibility, gun safety, and the sacrifices of men in the military.


  1. Airsoft parts and airsoft supplies are also available online which makes ordering and purchase more convenient especially for busy people.


  1. Countries, states or cities have specific laws on the use of airsoft guns. These laws address who are allowed to use it and how/ where it should be used, among others. Those who use airsoft guns without being aware of the law may find themselves in serious violation which could mean harsh penalties.


The facts listed above are just some of the more important things that you need to know about airsoft guns before you go and buy one for yourself. Playing with airsoft guns is one of the most exciting ways to apply strategy, strength, wit, and endurance in one game.  


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