Located in Waterloo Ontario, Maple Airsoft Supply is an official distributor for Guarder, LCT, and our own in house brand of guns, parts, and accessories. We deal in both wholesale to retailers as well as online retail through our webpage.

About Maple Airsoft Supply

We are located in Waterloo, Ontario, and we are the official distributor of the popular guns like Guarder, LCT, and our own in-house brand Maple Armouries. Maple Armouries has guns, parts and other accessories that are necessary for playing Airsoft. We deal in both online retails to wholesalers so, you can order your favorite gun in a single piece or bulk quantity.

Offering our clients the perfect experience is our only goal. For achieving our vision, we vow to become the most respected and most successful Airsoft Ontario online retailer and wholesaler. We are getting successful in this industry because of our quality materials, hard work, excellent customer care, strong store policy, vision, integrity, thirst for becoming the top Airsoft supplier and willingness to give something good to the customers in Canada. For quite a long time, we are doing the business of Airsoft Ontario, and the customers are already pleased with our work. We provide all over Airsoft shipping to Canada. We are also working very hard to become the top manufacturer Airsoft parts in Ontario. Our exclusive service and efforts have made us one of the most reliable companies of Airsoft wholesaler. This is the reason; we provide our guns to various popular Airsoft Ontario stores. For this reason, if you are interested in buying the high-quality guns we sell in our stores then just visit our website to find the perfect one for you.

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